Case | Support online seminars with a smartphone app


Our client Svea (Coach) wants to get a long-term effect out of her short workshop formats and online seminars. While these formats are very informative, they only provide limited support for the participants in implementing the content after the session, as the “workshop high” flags particularly quickly after these formats.

Especially in the current situation, where many employees work from their home offices and are trained via online seminars, Svea would like to provide her participants with an implementation aid and offer an additional service.


With BeCoach, Svea gets an application with which she can …

… digitise her content

… provide her materials in an interactive format

… achieve higher participant engagement by having more digital touchpoints

… offer another billable additional service

… allow herself scalable time savings with each additional performance

Sveas implemention – Support online seminars with a Smartphone App


👱‍♀️ Svea as Coach: Her online seminar on the topic of “Team Communication” will be digitally supplemented over three weeks. The virtual support includes nine interventions (six learning units and three reflections). Svea decided to have Alex (from BeCoach) create the six learning units and sent him the slides from the seminar and other information in a Word document in advance. She digitises the three remaining reflections by herself within the app.

📱 Alex from BeCoach: Alex provides the BeAssistant account and the six interventions to Svea via app. Alex and Svea determined that Svea can reuse the learning content in other formats. Alex briefs Svea on the material and how to use the app.

As a coach, I can digitise my content by myself or have it created by the BeCoach team. The digital content is rolled out to the participants in an intervention and can be reused in different formats


👱‍♀️ Svea: The online seminar will be conducted by Svea as usual. At the end of the event, Svea provides the audience with a code (see picture).

🎓 Participants: The BeCoach app is available in the Play or Apple Store. By using the code “SVEA1234” they connect to Svea as a coach during registration.

Available on all devices, quickly downloaded, registered and connected to the coach as a participant. We will gladly provide you with material for communication with clients.


👱‍♀️ Svea: Over the next three weeks, participants receive learning units to deepen their knowledge individually and exercises to help them implement what they have learned. With just two clicks, Svea sends the first intervention after the seminar.

🎓 Participants: The interventions are performed one at a time. Time and speed can be determined individually, as it is best for the participant. The scope of the intervention can be determined independently. An intervention runs automatically, so that the coach does not have to spend any additional time on support.

The course of the intervention depends on the answers and the reaction of the person conducting the intervention. An intervention runs similar to a decision tree and adapts to the individual needs of each participant.


🎓 Participants: After the digital accompaniment, there is still the option of repeating interventions for continuation. They can also use all the other functionalities of the app, such as the goal and activity tracker, for themselves.

👱‍♀️ Svea: The created interventions can be reused by Svea in each subsequent online seminar at no additional cost. Scalable time savings are created with each subsequent digital accompaniment.

BeCoach offers a billable additional service that involves a small investment of time for the coach, but provides valuable and individual assistance to the participants in implementing the seminar content.

Key results for Svea

➡️ Svea generates 25% more sales with online seminar

➡️ She uses the digitised content over and over again without spending any more time

➡️ Svea provides valuable post-event assistance to the participants, increasing the individual’s chance of success

Coming soon:

➡️ In summer 2021 Svea will also be able to offer her participants a 360° feedback function so that participants can incorporate feedback from their environment as they continue their independent education