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Interactive learning units

As support between sessions or as follow-up: BeCoach supports through interactive learning units, exercises or reflections of your choice.

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Most innovative solution on the market

BeCoach is a pioneer, because our learning units come in chat format and thus directly to the smartphone of your clients.

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Sustainable expansion of your offer

Created learning units remain stored in your database and can be sent and adapted again and again.

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Also suitable for group formats

Learning units, exercises or reflections can also be sent to an entire seminar group with just one click.

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Digital accompaniment in messenger format

Provide your clients and participants with learning and reflection content in an interactive chat format.

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Feedback Culture: Remove the blind spot

"I would like to get a picture from someone else". No problem: just two taps and the feedback givers are invited.

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A database full of interventions

In our database you have a wide choice of high quality digital interventions and learning nuggets for your clients.

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Yeah! The goal is already in sight

Give your clients the opportunity to playfully track individual goals and activities and to journal.


Digital supplement for
Talent development.

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BeCoach ist die beste Coaching App für digitales Coaching

The Coaching App as additional support

The BeCoach platform consists of the BeCoach app for clients and the BeAssistant app for coaches.

BeAssistant enables you, through digital coaching, to accompany your clients between on-site appointments and ensure that the successes from coaching sessions and workshops are continued.

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BeCoach was developed by coaches for coaches. That's why we know how important it is that interventions are tailored to your clients.

With our intervention designer, you can design your own customized digital interventions that match your philosophy and the needs of your clients. No matter if it's about agile leadership, resilience, culture development, BGM or something else entirely.

Digitale Coaching Tools mit BeCoach


Through BeCoach's automated interventions, you increase the number of contact points with your clients. This keeps them on the ball longer and the negative consequence of the "workshop high" or "coaching high" is significantly mitigated.

You can control the distribution of interventions to match the goals of your clients, so that they feel permanently supported. Thus you increase the quality of your coaching and your clients reach the set goals faster.

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With the BeAssistant app, you can offer your clients digital support before and after your coaching sessions or workshops. This is a useful way to expand your coaching offering with digital coaching and open up completely new format possibilities.

Many of our coaches, for example, offer their clients several weeks of follow-up support to their workshops - in the form of reflections, additional content or exercise instructions - without much extra effort.

"With BeCoach, I was able to add 7 weeks of digital support to my online format on leading in crisis situations. My clients have gratefully accepted the offer."

Eva Maria Scholz
Coach and facilitator

Digitale Coaching Tools für jeden digitalen Coach einfach per App


"Automated digital interventions via chat" - that sounds complicated at first. But neither you, nor your client, need to be IT nerds to use digital interventions with BeCoach. If you can use WhatsApp, you can use BeCoach.

The BeCoach coaching app uses a chat interface for most interactions, which most people are used to. This allows you to easily design and send interventions. Your client can then easily edit them without having to learn a new interface.

BeCoach macht digitales Coaching mit der besten Coaching App


BeCoach allows you to use your once created digital interventions over and over again and provide them to your clients again with just one tap.

In addition, you can send interventions to multiple clients at the same time. This is a huge time saver, especially if you work with groups or want to provide recurring reflections and exercises for your clients.

And if you don't want to digitize your content yourself, you can simply contact our experts who will create your intervention just for you.

"I often moderate events with many participants. BeCoach makes it possible for me to send interventions with multiple sequential questions or inputs to all participants with just one click. This significantly improves my workflow."

Nicolai Napp
Facilitator and coach