Case | Support clients between sessions or workshops


In addition to various workshop programs, our client Laura also accompanies individual managers with one-on-one coaching sessions.
Her clients make the greatest progress in the time between appointments – this is also where the greatest obstacle lies. Therefore, Laura wants to support this period as best as possible.

BeCoach as a solution

With BeCoach, Laura gets an application with which she can …

… offer her clients the opportunity to repeatedly deal with the contents in peace and quiet

… provide clients with guided exercises and learning units for implementation in everyday life

… plan, set, visualise, and track the goals and activities of individuals

… send reminders, impulses and private chat messages

Practical example from Laura


👩 Laura: With her current coachee Michael, she wants to work on Michael’s “soft skills” as a leader. To ensure that Michael has access to the right content at all times, Laura invites Michael to BeCoach.

👨 Michael: Michael receives his access data by mail. After downloading the app and logging in for the first time, Michael can start using the app immediately.


👩 Laura and 👨 Michael: At the end of the first session, they defined goals that Michael wants to achieve. In addition, there are two concrete activities that Michael sets out to begin his active implementation.

Goal: Improve feedback skills
First activity: Conduct feedback discussions (1 per week)
Second activity: Praise correctly (2 per day)

Recording and visualizing performed activities already increase the probability of successful coaching and raise the motivation level of the coached person

👩 Laura: In the next sessions, Michael receives further input from Laura. After the sessions, Michael receives small learning units (learning nuggets) via BeCoach to read up on, as well as small exercises to perform with his team to apply what he has learned.

Laura creates the learning units in the application just once and can use the recurring topics of coaching and workshops again and again.

Note: With every BeCoach license you can digitalise your content by yourself. If you need assistance or want to outsource this process completely, our experienced BeCoach team will be happy to support you.

👨 Michael: Michael goes through the individual exercises himself in the time between the appointments. Michael repeats the content as often as necessary. He records his activities and successes in the BeCoach app and notes down key findings using the diary function after the individual feedback sessions.

Laura and Michael set up the BeCoach account so that Laura can access Michael’s content. In this way, Laura can track the progress and prepare the next coaching session in line with the development process.


👩 Laura:

Laura uses the created interventions (exercises and learning units) again and again – even across programs. Laura can also provide entire workshop groups with the same material at the same time via BeCoach.
The interventions run automatically, so that the digital support takes hardly any time and Laura can provide digital support to other clients in addition to Michael.

Key results for Laura

➡️ Laura offers digital support to multiple clients at the same time, as the BeCoach app is designed to support groups and multiple clients

➡️ Laura achieves 25% more sales with digital accompaniment

➡️ Clients receive implementation material and a clearer structure for the period between the events

➡️ The additional touchpoints and the structured follow-up increase the lasting learnings of the clients