Case | Easily extend workshop series digitally with a coaching app

The challenge

One of our clients, a more traditional corporation, aims to increase the engagement of the group of participants in a three-month series of events by allowing employees to continue working on the event topics digitally.

BeCoach as a solution

Bettina would like to expand Nicolai’s (Coach) coaching series digitally so that the participating managers stay motivated in the time between appointments and actively work on implementing the content. Interactive exercises, learning units and the documents from the seminars will ensure that the executive is equipped with the right tools for everyday work at all times. BeCoach will also support Nicolai in adapting the workshops to the individual development of the participants.

Approach of our client


👩‍🦰 Bettina from Learning & Development Department: The company is facing a cultural transformation process. Nicolai has to prepare all managers in a division for the transformation process in a four-month coaching series, in which they need to switch to more agile working methods.

👨‍🦲 Nicolai as Coach: The content of the event series will be planned by Nicolai, so that he can subsequently create the corresponding digital concept with Alex from BeCoach. In particular, this involves providing the content from the respective event and finding suitable exercises for implementation in the time between the events.

📱 Alex from BeCoach: The materials provided by Nicolai are digitised by Alex so that they can be made available to the executives including further material such as videos, podcast, blog articles, etc. via the app. In addition, Alex creates interventions so that the executives can implement the imparted know-how in their teams with individual and team exercises.

Digitalisation of the content makes the material available to participants at any time and helps them with the concrete execution of the implementation steps


📱 Alex: All participants will be invited to the BeCoach app by Alex before the first workshop, so that they have already received an email with their access data during the first event.

🎓 Participants: At Nicolai’s direction, participants download the BeCoach app from the Play or Apple Store and log in with their credentials during the first event.

👨‍🦲 Nicolai: As usual, Nicolai conducts his first event. At the end of the event, he asks each individual to set two private goals in the BeCoach app, which they would like to achieve in the four-month period.

The managers can record their goals and activities and visualise their progress in the BeCoach app. The coach can view the progress and prepare the events accordingly


👨‍🦲 Nicolai: After the first event, Nicolai sends the content to all participants for them to read. As a consolidation, each week there is a learning unit on a topic area of the event as well as an exercise, so that the managers can implement their knowledge “guided” in the team.

🎓 Participants: The same intervention is sent to all participants, but the information differs because the course of the BeCoach interventions adapts to the situation of the person conducting the intervention.
Example: In the video below (right), we see that the manager is conducting the sent intervention “Delegation” and wants to gather information how to delegate task to a team member. Other participants may decide to focus on a different delegation level at this point.

The interventions can be viewed again and again in the intervention memory. The course of the intervention depends on the answers and the reaction of the person conducting the intervention


🎓 Participants: The sent interventions are always viewable and repeatable for each individual. The goals and activity tracker can also be used beyond the format.

The content created in BeCoach can be used to train other groups as well. The format can be extended by the managers to the rest of the employees.

Key results for Bettina

➡️ Managers have access to Nicolai’s material at all times and receive step-by-step assistance in implementing the learned content in their daily work routine

➡️ The interventions can be used again when the framework conditions change (example: leadership style according to motivation level and employee skills)

➡️ Nicolai can prepare the face-to-face events in a targeted manner based on the progress made in the app

➡️ The digital format can be transferred to other employees without much effort and little cost