Case | A slightly different talent development program with digital accompaniment


After one of our customers has already digitally accompanied individual formats with BeCoach, he now also wants to add digital accompaniment to the participants in their talent development program. The participants in the talent development program should be involved outside of the events through the digital expansion of the program. The positive perception of the talent development program for applicants and aspiring employees should be supported by an interactive and innovative format.


Setting and tracking goals, obtaining 360-degree feedback, performing interactive exercises, and reviewing the event material is what Sven from HR and Organizational Development wants to combine into a single digital solution. The program can thus be placed as an innovative flagship for recruiting and developing young potentials.



🧔 Sven from HR department, 👩‍🦳 Simone as Coach und 📱 Alex from BeCoach commit to the following sequence of the talent development program. Digital touchpoints need to be added to the periods between the face-to-face events.

👩‍🦳 Simone: Together with Alex, she discusses the material she will create. Building on her core competencies, Simone defines the content and methodological approach – for the events and the digital accompaniment.

📱 Alex from BeCoach: Alex digitises the questionnaire for the 360° feedback as well as the documents from the seminars based on the workshop content. In addition, Alex creates the interventions for the period in which the participants continue to work independently.

The BeCoach app offers various functionalities to increase the learning process of the participants in their daily work routine


📱 Alex from BeCoach: All participants will be invited to the BeCoach app before the first workshop so that Simone can contact them in advance.

🎓 Participants: The BeCoach app is available to participants in the Play or Apple Store. When they log in for the first time, they are sent a short questionnaire about the upcoming program.

BeCoach offers the possibility to get first impressions even before the first event, so that the coaches can prepare the kick-off accordingly


👩‍🦳 Simone: In the first step, Simone provides the participants with the documents from the first workshop with written content for reference. In addition, the employees receive a questionnaire for their personal 360° feedback to determine their status quo, which they first fill out by themselves and then pass it on.

🎓 Participants: The participants can invite those persons who should complete the questionnaire for the feedback to the BeCoach app. The received feedback can be viewed by each participant in the BeCoach account. They will receive an additional evaluation from Alex for the next event.

🎓 Participants: Based on the received feedback, the participants develop their individual goals for the program. The goals and concrete activities for achieving them are entered into the app. Throughout the entire period, participants have the opportunity to record their results and supplement them with diary entries.

Example: Thomas sets himself the goal of improving his communication skills as a young manager. Therefore he sets himself the task of reflecting on his communication behavior with 2 colleagues every week. If successful, the results are entered into BeCoach so that the participant and Simone as coach can follow the visualised development curve.

🎓 Participants: Between the upcoming workshops and individual coaching sessions, participants will receive various interventions in the form of exercises and learning units via BeCoach to further deepen their knowledge and implement what they have learned. The interventions adapt to the responses of the individual (see video).

BeCoach supports the work of the coaches digitally and accompanies the participants step by step in the individual implementation during all phases of the program


🎓 Participants: After completing the talent development program, participants can of course continue to use the BeCoach app to work continuously on their goals and to repeat Simone’s BeCoach learning units. In addition, they can continue to use their BeCoach account for all other event series or digitally accompanied workshops of the company in the future.

The created digital material can be extended to other employees at any time and can be reused in the following training programs

Key results for Sven (HR development department)

➡️ A continuous learning process consisting of a combination of classroom sessions and guided self-study increases long-term habit formation and the implementation of taught content

➡️ Embedded 360° feedback as a basic building block for setting the program’s goals for each individual

➡️ High motivation and engagement among participants through an interactive format

➡️ The following question is answered for participants: “What does this mean to me and how do I implement it?”

➡️ Accessibility of all information and materials in one medium.