Case | Efficient one-on-one coachings – a digital add-on for the success of your clients


At one of our customers, the person responsible for the coaching pool was looking for a way to make individual coaching sessions as helpful and efficient as possible for the employees. The coached persons should be strengthened in their personal responsibility and be able to work on their goals independently – even if there is no coaching session or no budget for coaching available.

How do personal responsibility, special individual coaching and a manageable budget fit together?


For the identification of problems you need a coaching appointment and a qualified coach. The in-depth content and concrete instructions for everyday work can be wonderfully supported digitally. The interactive learning units and step-by-step implementation recommendations help employees to deal with problems on their own.

This is how our client solved the problem:


👴 Gianluca: Gianluca has been leading a medium-sized team that is currently working from the home office. Since then, the team has lost efficiency, more and more conflicts have arisen within the team and Gianluca has reached his limits methodically as a leader. The HR department provides Gianluca with Andrea as a coach, who is an expert in the field of leadership and agile working, in order to provide Gianluca with methods for dealing with crisis situations in a team in a one-on-one coaching session.


👩‍🦰 Andrea: Both discuss the potential that Gianluca, as a leader, has for addressing the problem. Together they define a set of measures to achieve the goal.

👴 Gianluca: The action catalog results in various goals, activities and tasks that Gianluca creates for himself in the BeCoach App in order to track his activity progress over the next ten weeks and not to neglect execution.

Goal: Improve the mood in the team
First activity: Two-week retrospectives in the team
Second activity: Leadership journaling

Recording and visualizing performed activities already increase the probability of successful coaching and raise the motivation level of the person being coached.

👩‍🦰 Andrea: Andrea expands the input from coaching by sending Gianluca interventions as learning units and team exercises via the BeCoach app. Gianluca can read up on content tips and methods as needed and deepen his knowledge independently.

Interventions are automated, but always adapt to the individual situation


👴 Gianluca: Further down the line, Gianluca still has the option to use BeCoach and view the learning units Andrea sent him.

In addition, Gianluca has a direct way to contact Andrea for further coaching appointments after consultation in acute situations.

Gianluca can access the contents of Andrea’s catalog of measures permanentely

👩‍🦰 Andrea: Due to the optimised use of resources, Andrea can provide several people with the right content at the same time, so you can support other managers besides Gianluca.

Gianluca and other executives will get a cheap and fast access to specialized coaching material

Key results for our client

➡️ Gianluca benefits from Andrea’s professional advice and the digital material to accompany him in his daily work routine

➡️ Managers like Gianluca benefit in the long term from the coaching material made available for reference

➡️ By using BeCoach, Andrea as a coach can accompany several employees/managers at the same time

➡️ The HR department has the opportunity to offer coaching to managers despite scarce resources