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Our customer, a medium-sized production company, approached us with the request to support the sustainable impact of its training programs. It was particularly about the shorter training formats and online seminars, because these can be very informative and compact, but the sustainable impact of the implementation often left much to be desired.


Stefan from the HR department asked BeCoach for help because he wanted to offer employees an additional digital service – whether in the home office or in the office. After the online seminar, the participants should have the opportunity to deepen the topics at their own pace and according to their personal level of knowledge. The digital learning units and exercises support the employees in the step-by-step implementation in their daily work. The personal situation of the individual is also taken into account, as the content is adapted during interactive implementation.



👦 Stefan from HR department: In his usual manner, Stefan briefed Eva as a coach on the problem. At the moment, the difficulties in the company concern “collaboration from the home office”, which Eva is supposed to address in a two-hour online seminar.

👩‍🦱 Eva as Coach: To ensure that the content in BeCoach is aligned with Eva’s expertise, Eva provides Alex from BeCoach the content of the online seminar in a Word document. The document includes further details as well as exercise and reflection suggestions for the different topics.

📱 Alex from BeCoach: From the provided material, Alex creates several interventions which are sent to the participants step by step during the three-week digital support. In preparation, Alex briefed all participants on how to use BeCoach.

As a company, the common education format is digitally expanded and a time and location-independent implementation is made possible. Employees benefit from the expertise of the booked coach (in the event and the digital program).


👩‍🦱 Eva: Eva conducts her online seminar as usual. At the end of the online seminar, Eva provides the participants a code, which the participants use when registering in the BeCoach app.

🎓 Participants: Employees download the BeCoach app from the Play or Apple Store and register with BeCoach. By using the code “EVA-1234”, they automatically connect with their coach at the first login.

The digital use of BeCoach is independent of the number of participants, so that a cost-efficient digital follow-up of larger groups is also possible


👩‍🦱 Eva: With just two clicks, Eva sends the first intervention to all participants as a consolidation of the topics of the event. Over the next three weeks, the participants will receive a learning unit on each topic to expand their knowledge individually. In addition, they receive an exercise so that the employees are appropriately accompanied during the implementation.

🎓 Participants: Interventions are performed individually – time and speed can be determined individually, as it is best for the person. At the same time, the scope can be determined independently during the implementation.

The process of the intervention depends on the answers and the reaction of the person conducting the intervention. An intervention proceeds similarly to a decision tree and adapts to the inidividual needs


🎓 Participants: It is still possible to repeat interventions for continuation after the digital support in BeCoach. In addition, the participants can use all other functionalities of the app, such as the goal and activity tracker.

The content created in BeCoach can be reused for other groups or other formats free of charge. For other formats, the account can of course be filled with new materials and used continuously

Key results from Stefan

➡️ The employees have 11 touchpoints (one event and two interventions in each of five different topics) with the seminar content “Collaboration from the home office”

➡️ The time period of the format is extended from two hours to three weeks

➡️ Each participant can specifically apply the general information from the seminar to their personal situation through the interactive interventions

➡️ The step-by-step digital implementation guide simplifies implementation in everyday working life

➡️ Higher engagement in the continuing education format can be achieved through gamification in the app

➡️ The digitised training material can be used free of charge by other employees as well